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 Line Scan Quality Insurance Applikation

The Fränz & Jaeger provides turnkey systems for industrial image processing and recognition, based on current camera and PC technologys. Priorities are in the field of detection of large, complex, fast-moving objects (2D) and irregular surfaces (3D) in the field of quality assurance and Auto-ID. Here 2D line scan/area scan and 3D camera techniques in the visible light range and in the IR region are used.

Feasibility studies are often the upstream project to ensure success, here Fränz & Jaeger helps with many years of know-how and a network of specialist engineers.

Innovative solutions

Through years of experience in the field of complex machine vision solutions Fränz & Jaeger is involved in EU projects in the field of machine vision. The EU project PARASOL e.g. had the objective to determine the state of health of cattle automatically. Fränz & Jaeger succeeded by using 3D Time of Flight camera technology  and new algorithms to get the body condition score (BSC) and thus the state of health iin a very complex environment.

Pattern recognition was further developed by Fränz & Jaeger to a detection system, for example, for magazines. Now object classification without barcode at over 3,000 pieces per hour is possible

Quality ensurance

Typical applications are those where surfaces (plates, continues strip material, pipes, ...) are examined for errors or products in the material flow on quality guidelines. The 3D image processing is very good, for comparative measurements to detect manufacturing defects for products with irregular surfaces. Use of the IBV-object detection in the context of positioning (machines, robots, QA procedures) is another field of application.



Character recognition in addresses is a classic example of an identification of parcels and packages.
A special application for a line scan camera has been realized by us in the receiving area of a great book wholesaler successfuly. Packages are shoot by the camera at a conveyor speed. Software then extracted lables and uses a fully automated (OCR) for reading the text, so that the addressee can be determined.

The new pattern recognition system of Fränz & Jaeger detects objects regardless of the rotational position and lighting.

Product tracking


As of 01 January 2005, food manufacturers and supplier must clearly document which paths have taken his wares. Legal bases for these goods tracking are the International Food Standard (IFS) and the EU Regulation 178/2002.

ESIBS: A system developed by F&J  to identify and image archiving of slaughter products. It shoots products with 4 video cameras. The transponder number, slaughter number, date of slaughter is automatically detected with the tattoo and synchronously recorded in the documentation system and stored redundantly.

The data are added to the electronic documentaion file for further processing and controling.

Best value


Through use of the latest camera technology and the latest IT technologies, it is possible for us to create complex image processing systems with proven low cost for our clients individually.

Our vision systems usually consist of high-performance industrial PCs, which are connected via a network (GigE, Firewire) with the cameras on site. As digital cameras linescan, area or 3D cameras come in the range of visible light and infrared are used.

The evaluation of raw data is done by an problem specific programm, which uses standard libraries Open-CV , Halcon, piccolor or self develop modules.

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