Energie Management System

eLOG Report supplements the universal measuring system eLOG node with an EMS center.


eLOG Report supports  :
• Line graph
• Bar graph
• Pie diagram
• Sankey Diagramm
• Heat Map
• Multi graph
• Tabels


eLOG Report allows interaktive responsive changes of displayed content. This is optimised for presentation on touch screens.


eLOG Report automatically adapts to the available screen area of ​​the device. A system for mobile phones, tablets and Large monitor


eLOG Report generates reports from several meaningful diagrams.
You can define the report layout yourself, insert text and images and an individual report is created in no time at all.


The eLOG server component archives the measured values ​​from various measuring stations and prepares the data for display.

The measured values ​​are obtained from various data sources, which can even come from different manufacturers.

WAGO, Janitza, Siemens, JUMO and much more

with interface protokolls like

BesidesWAGO CSV data format although ModBus/TCP or JSON ar supported.

The date and time format is changable to your preference.


Genrates day, month or jear reports and sends a PDF by mail.

The time range and time resolution can be freely set for each diagram.


Calculations on measured values ​​are possible, among other things, differences or mean values.


E.g. the energy consumption in production is measured by device A, the consumption in shipping by device B. However, you need the sum of the consumption for your report. eLOG Report automatically sums up the measured values ​​from A and B and shows the result in one diagram.


Reports are formatted for printing or PDF files can be generated for sending by email.
All data, including the calculated ones, can be exported as CSV files e.g. for Excel or Calc.


All settings are made in a web interface without any programming.

all round

The eLOG Report Server is usable with
Windows,MacOS, Linux

out-of-.the-Box as Hyper V- or VirtualBox-Instance.


There ar classes "Entry", "Medium" and "Unlimited" with fixed prices.


yourc value

Combined with the eLOG or your devices, a complete energy management system results for ISO50001 auditing.