Wago e!COCKPIT in production


Screenshot e!cockpit configuration

Recently Fränz & Jaeger installed first big e!COCKPIT project.

e!COCKPIT is the new CODESYS3 based integrated programmingsystem developed by WAGO.

The application:

The sorting machine at LIBRI (Bad Hersfeld) sorts over 10000 item a day to 42 relations.

The control system takes the tasks:

  • Image capture from 3 Sides
  • omnidirectional barcode scaning
  • measurement
  • weighting
  • labeling
  • control scaning
  • sorting

The products are tracked on the conveyor accurate to within a centimeter. Thereby correct sorting is ensured.

The installation is controled by 5 PFC200 controllers . A WEB capable visualisation is included.

The visualisation shows each controler detail, from light barrier to drives. This makes very fast reactions to malfunktions possible.

Allthough the remote maintanance from Fränz & Jaeger is realized by a safe VPN conection.

The pervious CODESYS 2 based solution was ported to e!COCKPIT successfully. We needed a wekend to finish the installation on site.

The replacement was nessesary because the visalisation was based on the deprecated JAVA-Plugin.

The customer has now a faster browser (JS/HTML) solution. This is furthermore usabel on mobile devices (Tablet/Phone).

Herr Fränz has a summary:

"e!COCKPIT has shown that it is now possible to realize big projects including a mass of different interfaces, as there are AS-Interface, seriell, analog or network. The old-fashioned visualisation can now be replaced with current standards and a fresh design. We are pleased to build up further projetcs with e!COCKPIT."



 Screenshot e!cockpit programming environment.