CODESYS with PDF Viewer



The CoDeSys 2.3 WEB-visualisation is only suitable for displaying fixed grafics (bitmaps). These grafics are to be installed on the controller beforehand.

Displaying any vendor specifc grafics or texts or mutable grafics at runtime is not provided in the standard.

Due to a customer inquiry Fränz & Jaeger has addressed the problem and developed its own PDF PlugIn.

With the help of this PlugIn PDF files can now be displayed in any window within the WEB visualisation.

The name of the displayed file is managed in CoDeSys and can be changed at runtime!

This dynamic display of any graphics is possible for the first time.

The displayed PDF files can be stored on a server or on the display system. The controller remains completely free and unloaded.

The PDF-viewer clears the way for displaying multi-page documents, manuals, wiring diagrams, or product information.

The system is runnable on CoDeSys 2.3 based controllers with sufficient memory capacity. It is tested successfully on WAGO products:

Controller 750-880 , IPC 758-874 and PFC200 750-8206


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