Order Picking Systems

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Warehouse Station

Fränz & Jaeger builds solutions for paperbased and paperless order picking with pick by light or wireless terminals.

Stations for order picking (man-to-goods) are constructed in vendorspecific dimensions. They are arranged typically around a loop-conveyor.

Trays identified by barcode or RFID find their way to the stations. Optionally are control weighers at all stations. Therefore the system stores the empty weight as well as the current weight of each tray.

Trays are guided through the warehouse fully automaticliy by the DPS System. The system is fault tolerant and responds good-naturedly to manual intervention.




For paperbased order picking Fränz & Jaeger developed the "I-Punkt" with integrated printing. 

Press wholesale order picking

Many press-/book-wholesalers and publishing companies think about picking and delivering their goods in trays. Many successful field tests took place which proved that this approach showed more advantages than disadvantages:

  • There is high acceptance from their clients because the goods can always be delivered undamaged and without soil traces.
  • The slightly lower packing density of trays compared to stacks in the trucks has proven irrelevant in practice.
  • Trays are long-living and their costs are outweighted by the lower number of returned goods and the saving of strapping costs.
  • Order picking becomes much more smoothe and can be accomplished with higher degree of automation. This is the essential saving potential.

Order picking line

Wanne auf Rollband

Fränz & Jaeger GmbH, with their long year experience with press-/book-wholesalers, drafted a new order picking system based on trays:

Movement of trays by conveyor technology alongside the shelves.

  • Pick by Light
  • Automatic stop of conveyors if order picker is too slow
  • Automatic printing of delivery note at the end of order picking process directly into the trays
  • Weighing of trays on continuous scales and automatic push off to a control working place in case of weight dfferences
  • Continuous tracking of trays on clients' order

The facility is also suited for stack handling. This faciliates the phase of transition.