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Wireless for the warehouse

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Wireless solutions for the warehouse: Yes or No? Until a few years projects for the introduction of wireless data systems in the warehouse have had the risik of pilot application.

With better technology and data transfer safety and the experience of a big quantity of sucessful installations wireless is recommended for many companys today.

Properly used, significant economic effects and tangible improvements in storage process can be achieved through the use of wireless data in many cases:

Wireless products from Fränz & Jaeger are HPRC (obsolete) and XMC.
HPRC was used for connection of text-based applications; XMC in contrast makes a connection of graphical applications.

Both HPRC and XMC are running the applikation not on the wireless terminal itself, but on an application server. Therfore no programming skills for the terminals, but only for the server are requiered. It was possible to run existing office-applications (so they run on IBM-3270, HP3000, Unix or Linux Hosts) fairly simple on mobile wireless devices.