3D-Visualisation and Simulation ViSim3D

... 3D-visualisation is out of its infancy

"Simulation Based Engineering" (SBE) at Fränz & Jaeger.

It is now possible to simulate intralogistic conveyors e.g. with joins, splits and curves with realistic 3D dimensions in realtime !

By this means we can evaluate and optimise overall system performance beforehand.

The applications expenses of 3D visualisation of conveyor systems are sufficiently low, so that the total project costs can be reduced. While the system quality is considerably increased. Standard PC hardware now has sufficent performance for visualisation and simulation of large systems.

The process can easily scaled by network-based technology (outsourcing visualisation, simulation and soft-PLC tasks).

3D data information is often available :

As a rule the required 3D information can be exported of already present plans (drawings) or configurations.

The objective of our development was avoidance of multiple efforts by integration or derivation and the convergence of :

  • construction plans
  • simulation
  • visualisation
  • controller program
  • documentaion

Fränz & Jaeger uses ViSim3D for individual 3D-visualisation and simulation for various applications, among others intralogistics.