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New energy monitoring system hard- and software ISO50001

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For over 20 years we supply optimal project solutions for industry, warehouse logistics, always on the current state of the art.

We supply customized automation solutions, special machine control technology and IT integration inter alia.

We are acknowledged WAGO Solution Provider and experts in configuring your individual WAGO system.

With us your project is in safe hands !


OEE system

  ... transparency pays off



Fränz & Jaeger delivers complete OEE-Systems (Overall Equipment Effectivness).

With the OEE key figure can be displayed at a glance both the productivity of a unit, as well as their losses.

Downtimes of a production unit are expensive. As a key to the reduction of downtime, the creation of transparency by recording the downtime reasons has been found.

In practice, increases are seen in productivity of over 20% after introduction of this OEE system.

The F&J OEE-System features :

  • calculation and display of OEE at site
  • easy choice of downtime reasons
  • shift times
  • statistical evaluation
  • recording as CSV (Excel) with FTP
  • SQL server connection
  • WEB based remote configuration

It's easy configured :

The F & J OEE system is individually configurable for the operator for each unit. It is adjustable which standstill reason is planned and therefore the measure does not diminish.

It's low cost :

The system is based on very compact WAGO controllers and is easy integrated in virtually any application. All you need is a signal contact of the production-machine and a start contact to the machine.

It's safe :

All data is stored on a flash card and additionally via FTP or in a database. From there are evaluations that go beyond the already integrated, according to any criteria possible.

OEE key value (source Wikipedia) :

The OEE of a plant is defined as product of the following factors :

  • Availability factor
  • power factor
  • quality score

The range is between 0 and 1 or 0 and 100 percent.

The OEE is a measure of unplanned loss of a plant. Therefore, the planned downtimes are deducted in the first step of the calendar time (24 hours, 7 days a week). Planned shutdowns could be, for example:

  • No occupation or instrumentation
  • planned maintenance
  • pause
  • strike
  • no product manufacturing

The remaining operating time is the basis for the OEE-figure and is therefore defined as 100%.

Of these 100% now, the performance, availability and quality losses are deducted, so that the overall OEE of the plant is given.

The F&J OEE System in standard configuration calculates the availability factor.

Your benefit :

The benefits of OEE is the transparency of the value added component of the plant, giving the management another view of the system. The index is ideally suited to establish an objective agreement process to this OEE number. Because the figures can be made - due to their comprehensiveness - robust to structural changes in production.

Further information :

Fränz & Jaeger GmbH
Dornkaulstrasse 10
52134 Herzogenrath

Tel: +49-2407 572705 0

Control and visualisation design

 DPS 2929 MAIN

Fränz & Jaeger designs state of the art automation and central control.

The demands on a modern control system have grown strongly in recent years, international.

In particular, the transparency should be high today. The work of controllers should be constantly monitored and actions of the past must be traceable. Our controllers allways have logbooks integrated. All events are stored for future investigation.

Conventional controllers on PLC basis are still lacking to the storage capacity and performance. Therefore we rely on PAC-technologie since years. This technology combines PC and PLC.  From the PC-world we take storage capacity and processing performance. At same time we have realtime execution and industrial strength as known from PLC. This comes from use of hardened hardware and relinquishment of moving parts as fans or harddisks.

Our powerful programming environments (CoDeSys) allow the efficient development according to current paradigms.

The visualization occupies a very high priority today. The plant operator expects an easy access to all functions, as he knows it from mobile devices. Fränz & Jager supplies the visualization in the web browser. The visualization can thus be readily available on the intranet and savely over the Internet. This form of remote maintenance saves virtually all operations on site.

In the form of the WEB visualization costly visualization devices as in conventional PLC solutions are no longer required.

We can draw on a huge range of touch panels, even a simple laptop is enough already.

In the design phase, we can rely on modular prefabricated modules. These are integrated within our CAE System ViSim3D. This leads, for example, to noticeable cost-saving in material handling systems with a high level of repetition.

Today control systems are usually based on  Linux eg. combined with ORACLE or other SQL databases. With Linux high availability and long-term support is guaranteed. The open source structure ensures transparency, which is necessary to clear up any malfunction fast.

Fränz & Jaeger is vendor-neutral, and designs very cost-effective control solutions, always with the view of the whole.









High availability Linux server

... when push comes to shove

 HighEnd ServerWeb

Substantial automation projects always need central functions. These functions could be mapped to data ceters. But often a dedicated hardware is desired or, e.g. realtime requirements make it necessary.

Within industrial environments high availability must be shown at the same time.

Therefore Fränz & Jaeger realized high availability LINUX clusters based on proven Pacemaker and DRBD components.

As a rule the cluster consists of two identical machines in a hot-standby configuration:

The data of the currrent operating machine are mirrored by DRBD automatically and in realtime to the secondary machine. In case of emergency there is a fast switch to the secondary machine without data loss possible.

This configuration is more convenient as systems with centralized data retention, because the data retention itself has to be constructed fully redundant, in order not to build a new  SPOF (Single point of failure).

Fränz & Jaeger HA Server are the stable base for master computer, central monitoring or fast image processing solutions.






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