Incoming goods with remote video aquisition

... what, if barcode is missing?



 The solution :

  • imagecapture by ICR
  • barcode detection
  • imageprocessing
  • remote video coding
  • weight
  • volume
  • printing of labels

Details :

The capture of more than 4,000 objects per hour, including identification weight/volume determination an re-labeling, requires an innovative process technology. Especially if the objective is to capture objects without barcode from 15mm to 500mm height and 150mm to 600mm edge length with calibrated accuracy.  The systemintegrator Fränz & Jaeger has created a powerful solution for its customer Koch, Neff and Volckmar GmbH, which is now successfully in productive use for 10 years.

Based on the powerful technology of the Technology Partners SICK AG the solution could be implemented in a few weeks and handed over to productive operation.

Koch, Neff and Volckmar Gmbh is one of the biggest German book wholesalers. They provide for over 175 years for the smooth distribution of books, new media, calendars, games and gift items between manufacturers and bookstores across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The company acts as a link between publishers and bookstores, and has constantly more than 500,000 titles in stock. The picking and shiping is done since 1993 on the basis of Fränz & Jaeger solutions. The process is optimised so that all orders of the day can be delivered nationwide overnight. Fast and reliable detection of items is the crucial task for all intralogistics.

In this case the Sick camera Codereader ICR890 eligible for barcode reading and volume meter VMS510 are used. The reading systems usually decode barcode, but still provide an image of the package. If there is no useful barcode the "picrot" images processing module is uses to identify one ore more lables on the package. These label images contain information for OCR-Reading or manual data entry. At remote coding workplaces source and destination adresses for the items are entered. With this video coding the automatic capture could be increased to over 99%. Overall, the solution of Fränz & Jaeger identifies, weights, determins the volume and relabels 4.000 items per hour. The required high availability of video encoding is achieved by modern modular IPC design, which allows exchange of modules during operation.

Further information :

Fränz & Jaeger GmbH
Dornkaulstrasse 10
52134 Herzogenrath

Tel: +49 (0)2407 572705-0


Fränz & Jaeger is a system integrator in the field of control technology and innovative machine vision. The company Fränz and Jaeger has been successful for more than 15 years in the planning, implementation and maintenance of turnkey automation solutions working for large and medium enterprises.


 Power- and energy monitoring ELOG20

... transparency pays off


Energy monitoring system based on WAGO components:

The capture solution for industries and IT and properties.

The main solution for installations according to ISO 50001:2011.

The ELOG20 system integrates

  • Registration of current , voltage, energy
  • climate data (temperature .. )
  • harmonic analysis
  • WEB user interface
  • server connection (CSV,FTP,SQL..)
  • SMS alterts
  • switiching actions
  • gas meter
  • heat meter


The ELOG20 system is bit-modular design.
Even 60 current phases and more than 100 temperature measuring points can be configured.

Connects external counters by S0 or M-Bus interface.


The system is available fully assembled in small cabinets IP65 or IP20 as an integrated system in your power-distribution.

cost optimised

By using only the really required of WAGO components we keep costs low.

Energy management is always worthwhile :

For companies in the manufacturing sector will apply from 2015:

  • savings in electricity and eco-tax as a top tax equalization
  • EEG levy exemption for energy-intensive companies which invest more than 14% of gross value


reduce energy costs

reduced greenhouse gas emissions and thus ecological footprint of your company

ELOG20 solution covers in detail :

  • energy consumption
  • voltage (230/480/690V)
  • current (over 2000A depending on converter)
  • real energy/ real power
  • phasing
  • reactive energy /reactive power
  • apparent power /apparent energy
  • phase sequence recognition
  • power factor
  • frequency measurement
  • harmonics (up to the 41. harmonic)

optional climate data :

  • temprature
  • humidity


Get NOW your impression of the possibilities by ELOG-monitoring.

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