High availability Linux server

... when push comes to shove

 HighEnd ServerWeb

Substantial automation projects always need central functions. These functions could be mapped to data ceters. But often a dedicated hardware is desired or, e.g. realtime requirements make it necessary.

Within industrial environments high availability must be shown at the same time.

Therefore Fränz & Jaeger realized high availability LINUX clusters based on proven Pacemaker and DRBD components.

As a rule the cluster consists of two identical machines in a hot-standby configuration:

The data of the currrent operating machine are mirrored by DRBD automatically and in realtime to the secondary machine. In case of emergency there is a fast switch to the secondary machine without data loss possible.

This configuration is more convenient as systems with centralized data retention, because the data retention itself has to be constructed fully redundant, in order not to build a new  SPOF (Single point of failure).

Fränz & Jaeger HA Server are the stable base for master computer, central monitoring or fast image processing solutions.